Today many consumers are finding it hard to maintain their finances and are struggling to overcome significant amounts of debt. We are always looking for ways to help educate and provide services to those individuals and families who really need our help.

Every year, Money Management International (MMI) counsels hundreds of thousands of people troubled by debt. For every consumer we help, there are many others who are unaware of our services. That is why we continuously work to build awareness of MMI through the media. In fact, MMI and its family of credit counseling agencies are often looked to as the resource of choice by both national and local media.

We are looking for clients and consumers to help us educate people and offer solutions to address common financial issues affecting our communities. By sharing your story, you could help thousands of people who are going through a situation very similar to yours. If this is something you think you may be interested in, complete the following short questionnaire.

Although we are excited to work with you and participate in media opportunity, we respect your privacy and fully understand if you choose not to participate.

Thanks for your consideration!

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